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About Reflexology. Foot Map

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a modern form of an ancient therapy that dates back over 5000 years. It is based on the theory that different parts of the feet, lower legs, hands, ears and face relate to different areas of the body. Therefore by working these points it is believed that the treatment can help to maintain and restore health alongside conventional medicine. By applying pressure to the feet the reflexologist can find imbalances in the body and then work that area to help rebalance it. It works in a similar way to acupuncture.

It may help in the following areas:

The body's natural self-healing process to work faster and more efficiently and to boost the immune system
To relieve stress and tension which is the cause for many illnesses and diseases
To improve blood circulation, helping the cells and organs work more efficiently
With waste removal and elimination
To remove toxins from the body
To increase energy levels or induce calm and help with sleep issues
Improving mood and sense of wellbeing

Every person is unique and their experience of reflexology will also be unique, but it is commonly agreed to be a very relaxing treatment that leaves the person feeling calmer and more positive with increased happiness, essential to improving your wellbeing.

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Maternity and Fertility Reflexology

I am trained and specialise in reflexology for fertility and pregnancy and can offer support and tailored reflexology treatments suitable for pre-conception, and throughout your pregnancy and the post-natal period.

If you are thinking or trying for a baby reflexology can help support you and your partner both physically and emotionally, it will help with increased stress and tension and it can also work alongside IVF treatment and other assisted fertility methods.

During pregnancy your body will go through many changes that may affect you emotionally and physically. Reflexology for maternity aims to optimise your health and wellbeing by working on specific reflex points to restore balance and alleviate symptoms associated with pregnancy. It can be safely carried out throughout the pregnancy and I will take a full medical history to ensure that it is appropriate and tailored for your needs. Reflexology is often recommended by many midwives.

The Effects of Stress on Fertility

When you are calm and at ease the natural procedure of the body preparing for pregnancy starts with the hypothalamus secreting hormone GnRH (gonadotrophic releasing hormone) which passes into the pituitary gland stimulating the release of luteinising hormone (LH - this prepares the lining of the uterus to receive an embryo), it also releases follicle stimulating hormone (FSH – which stimulates the ovaries to release an egg (ovum) into the fallopian tube.
However, stress causes the release of cortisol and adrenalin hormones into the bloodstream. If the stress continues, increased cortisol supresses the digestive system, reduces thyroid function and heightens sugar uptake. The hypothalamus secretes a substance called corticotrophin releasing factor, a neurotransmitter that passes from the hypothalamus to the pituitary, which then produces ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic hormone) which stimulates the adrenal glands. In response the adrenals produce adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol, stimulating the release of Gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone (GnIH) which suppresses the production of FSH and LH. All detrimental to conceiving naturally.

Reduce stress and anxiety with reflexology, increasing your chances of conception.

I can now safely and proudly say that thanks to LR Holistics that we are expecting our first baby in March! Whilst trying and failing to fall pregnant I was told I had PCOS and an underactive thyroid (both holding their own fertility issues). At the same time as this diagnosis I started fertility reflexology at LR Holistics - she has kept me sane and calm in times of unbelievable stress and heart ache. We have a lot to thank you for and can't wait for you to meet our gorgeous baby! I am continuing with reflexology through my pregnancy and will until the end. From the bottom of my heart - thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ xxx - Taylor

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Facial reflexology

I was trained by Ziggie Bergman, founder of 'The Bergman Method' Facial Reflexology and 'Zone Face LIft' at 'The London School of Reflexology'. It is based on William Fitzgerald's theory of "Zone Therapy" and uses Native American techniques along with Asian body mapping.

It works in the same way as foot reflexology, as reflexes on the face are said to be connected to areas of the body, and the subtle techniques serve to relieve stress and get you into a very deep state of relaxation, extremely quickly. It stimulates the body's healing process, improves circulation and nerve supply as well as releasing toxins. Facial Reflexology is a delightful treatment that can improve skin tone, and help the face both feel and look smoother and younger with a healthy glow.

This is a standalone treatment but I am finding this treatment is very popular when combined with foot reflexology, starting the treatment with the face, for 15 minutes and then following with a 45 minute foot reflexology treatment for the ultimate relaxing and blissful experience.

However if you want the full totally luxurious Zone Face Lift treatment which incorporates Facial Reflexology, Facial Massage and a Full Facial please see more details below.

"So relaxing. I have chronic illness and this is just so fabulous. It eases away stress and also cleared my sinus pain fabulously. Lorraine has such a gentle touch and it really was soothing. I would highly recommend this friendly warm lady and if you've never had a facial reflexology session give it a try, it's wonderful. " Carol

About Reflexology. Zone Face Lift main image

Zone Face Lift

This brilliant new deeply relaxing award-winning treatment combines Facial Reflexology with Anti-Ageing Face Lift Massage, and a luxurious facial using hot towels, Tropics organic skincare and a guided relaxation.

It also includes the use of specialist tools such as healing quartz crystals, jade gua sha and acupressure dermal rollers which stimulate collagen and promote elastin, encouraging lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins and offering a natural and safe anti-ageing alternative to dermal fillers.

It feels amazing to receive and leaves you feeling totally relaxed whilst smoothing, sculpting and lifting the face. Many will notice visible results even after just one treatment, and, with all the benefits of reflexology.

Not only is this an anti-ageing treatment, but it helps to reduce stress and tension, reduce migraines, aids sleep and can also be beneficial for sinus problems, insomnia, teeth grinding, IBS and depression. It helps you to let go of emotions held in the face, smoothing and uplifting ageing skin, tightening the jaw line and reducing fine lines.

“Please be aware that if you send me any sensitive medical/health information, I will only hold and use this if we proceed to treatment, at which time I will require explicit consent from you to hold this data. If we do not proceed to treatment I will erase this information.”

RLD treatments

I have now completed my training with Sally Kay to become a RLD practitioner. This is an award winning reflexology technique based around lymphatic drainage. It is primarily used to reduce lymphoedema after treatment for breast cancer but can also be useful for may other conditions including Arthritis, Asthma, Eczema, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ME, Sinus problems, Migraines, Headaches, Muscular tension, Aches and pains and Premenstrual Syndrome. I will not be offering this as a standalone treatment but it is used in all my reflexology treatments as it has so many benefits in overall wellness and wellbeing.

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